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  • Sclerotherapy is effective, safe, and relatively painless and patients may return to work immediately. This is a walk in walk out procedure. This centre has provided over 6000 treatments. For more severe disease see below.

  • Endo Venous Laser Treatment (EVLT) - EVLT is a new procedure that takes about 45 minutes. EVLT uses laser energy delivered in a thin fibre-optic probe to treat the underlying cause of the varicose veins. Performed under ultrasound guidance and local anaesthesia allows a more gentle "minimally-invasive" approach to the treatment of varicose veins. During the procedure there is minimal to no pain and virtually no scarring.

  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy - The advent of Endo-venous laser treatment for large varicose veins means that varicose vein surgery (ligations and stripping) is now considered by some to be obsolete. With advancing techniques much minor varicose vein surgery can be done in the rooms this is called Ambulatory Phlebectomy. This technique is the removal of varicose veins through micro incisions 1 to 2 mm under local anaesthetic with the use of small hooks

  • Compression Stockings (Swollen, Aching legs, Travel DVT) - Stockings for aching and swollen legs are available. Each patient will be personally fitted according to his or her needs. Wearing stockings has been shown to reduce the incidence of DVT brought on by travelling
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